Sunday, September 12, 2010

Layers and Time Framed
Paint/Ink (9x15) the time piece moves HOLYSHIT, what a concept

Conscious Thought
Paint/Ink (18X24)
Creation Layers; Times Progression
Paint/Ink (24X36) (view before reading below, think for yourself before being told)

This idea rooted and stemmed from a creation story that the world was formed from the tortoise's back. Tis a crude cluster of scattered ideas on the progression of our world and times. The fight that has come about between nature and man. Fluid and free formed nature in the beginning followed by the ridged and geometric patterning of man. Sit in square buildings in our square rooms under our sheets on square beds with the illumination of a square t.v. lighting the homes of the sleeping. The reference to kings (the kings head over the pigs head and primary colors connecting it with households); we can go to the conviency of a store and get a number of items to eat, a king's feast for all, any night we please. I find us moving further from nature, disconnecting ourselves from the natural as if they are two different things. As i said, a rough cluster of scattered thoughts.
Study with Marbling
First use of marble. Working on working for future works, with marbles marble.

Shaman's Release; Connection of Land Man and Beast

Paint/Ink (15X24)

Shaman study, Etching (6x9)
Salvador's Confusion
Paint/Ink (9X12)

Sketchbook.....Moon Rise on the Cosmic Eye

In the wilderness in mammoth in winter. Full moon rising. A larger rendition in progress but acrylic sometimes makes me want to punch a small animal. So it will be awhile.

Sketchbook, Layer Face and Geometric.

Closed Eyes Vision
Paint/Ink (6X22)

Went to Joshua Tree, came back with some inspiration About rocks and woman with funky hands.

Mask Pattern on Landscape
(Paint/Ink) 14X20

High floor in a library of students the idea was developed. African Mask, repeated pattern running through the mind. First done as an etching then taken to a larger piece to rework. Etching 9X12

Muggins Etching. 4X6
(First etching, studying texture, line work, aquatint.)

Sketchbook, Pelican Reticulation

I transitioned this into a silkscreen for a shirt. Used some of the digital techniques required in today's art world to make shirt worthy.

Sketch Book, Desert Sybin

Sketch Book, Coastline Studies

Linoleum Block
Moon Dance Layer

single sitting. Don't Know size.
Night Sketcing; Medicine Man, Color Side by Side.

Rug and Chair